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Posted on Aug 02, 2016 @ 11:18:47 pm
This site speaks for itself. It is a collection of AYY LMAO pictures!
Older news...
Posted on Aug 02, 2016 @ 11:48:41 pm

All right so there I was in the bank. Crazy as that may sound because I have no money. But somehow I managed to get a check to cash from someone. I seem to be pretty allright with the entire bank experience. I was looking around at all the "rate" stuff and "omfg we're the best bank ever!" stuff. Then something happened that I will never forget. And to help me never forget I am posting it here as an exclusive news story!

This guy that was two places ahead of me in line. He gets to the teller and starts going off about how he didn't want his ATM card. Could you just take this ATM card I don't want it. But it was more than that. In fact rather than just tear up the card at home and burn the pieces, the guy not only has the ignorance to come to the bank in the first place with that crap, but also to hold up the line for more than 5 minutes with his petty bullshit.

What I am talking about is that he was trying to make some kind of point with what he was doing. What he didn't understand is that it was probably the most annoying thing that I have had to experience in over 6 years. If I had a digital camera he would be on here. Long story short, if you do not have legitimate business at the bank, or you just want to go up there to talk to someone in person about tearing up your bank card, don't go. Stay home. It is ok to just tear up the card and not use it.

Raspberry Pi Keyboard Case Project
Posted on Aug 02, 2016 @ 11:07:20 pm
I got a new Raspberry Pi, and I have decided to make my own case. In fact, it is a hollowed out keyboard. Just a little side project I am working on. I also took pictures during the progress, and added witty comments next to them for your entertainment. If you have any questions please grab my attention somehow.


It is still a work in progress, and I have plans to make it even better.
ToDo: HDMI output to the back
ToDo: DVI connector to the back
5v / 2.5Amp is good

I put in 16GB of class 10 UHS1 sd card, it is 95 mb/s and it makes a big difference with the performance of the Pi.

Anyhow, on with the show!

First, I gathered a keyboard, the Pi, an SD Card, and a cardboard box containing some screws and a usb thingy.

Then... I turn over the keyboard. I removed the elevators so they wouldn't get damaged and placed them in the cardboard box.

Here is the inside, it is pretty typical of modern keyboards with a plastic membrane.

Continue reading http://www.sethcoder.com/modules/core_wiki/wiki.php?name=Keyboard+Case+Project+Page+2
RFSCMS Bug Tracker
Posted on Aug 02, 2016 @ 10:55:59 pm
I am working on incorporating a bug tracker module into RFSCMS.
As usual the development will take place on http://area56.sethcoder.com and it will be migrated over in the updates.
Once I get this working a little better, I plan on cleaning up some of the old code and renaming some functions to fall more in line with how the system works now.
More to come...
PHPMyAdmin updated in RFSCMS
Posted on Aug 02, 2016 @ 10:55:32 pm
PHPMyAdmin has been updated to version 4.0 in the RFSCMS package.

Thumbs.db Removal tool
Posted on Aug 02, 2016 @ 10:35:30 pm
Delete and remove all the Thumbs.db you have on your computer. You may be surprised at the amount stored on your system.
You can either run it from the command prompt or double click it from windows explorer.
It is specifically for Windows. I have only tested this program on Windows XP, so I can not guarantee that it will work on any other windows. If you do get it please leave some feedback on the comments below.

Click here to access the tool

Honey Bear
Posted on Aug 02, 2016 @ 08:08:05 pm
Cubepocalypse Screen Saver
Posted on Aug 02, 2016 @ 07:55:27 pm
I've made an OpenGL screensaver for Windows.

1000 cubes rotating and swirling about chaotically, while color cycling.

It's free! It also includes the source code.

You can download it from GitHub Cubepocalypse

RFSCMS Modules
Posted on Aug 02, 2016 @ 07:26:42 pm
I have now set up a forum for RFSCMS Modules.
There is also a files category on RFSCMS Modules @ Area56 that is specifically for modules.

The netman and bullet_log module are located there, which links to the official repositories on GitHub.

I encourage anyone to use the forum and discuss issues with the modules, or start new threads about what modules you would like to see.

TODO List:
I plan on making some tools which will be made into their own modules.
Enable/Disable modules in Admin section.
Download new modules in Admin section. This will be like an app store.
RFSCMS version 3.2.1
Posted on Aug 02, 2016 @ 06:59:17 pm

Updated with a lot of new features, fixes, and of course, new bugs.
Posted on Aug 02, 2016 @ 04:05:30 pm
I was camping this weekend, which is a cool way to unwind. I also had the opportunity to put myself in the shoes of those less fortunate during this wild hurricane season. I went without everything, all I had was enough crap that I could fit into 3 laundry baskets, my tent, and well that's it really. Just enough to survive.
I set out to the hills of England and pitched my tent. It was bone chilling cold. I scouted the area and looked for a wal mart. There was none, not even one in all of England. Instead I pretended that the grove of trees near my tent was a wal mart, and that the fire wood I scavenged was earthly goods. Ha ha, I even got out of there with a brand new copy of Wedding Crashers.
For real though, I did pour one out for the homeys that lost thier lives in the disasters. My heart and prayers go out to their families and loved ones.
Now getting back to my camping story, I will tell you also that I was not alone and that someone was making some coffee. It was not me. In fact there were several people at the camp and three people brought different kinds of coffee. Yes I am setting this up so I can complain. People, when you go on a camping trip, do not go out and buy the gourmet coffees. It pisses people off. I drink coffee for a reason and it is not because I want to picture myself in some medival chateau sipping vanilla hazelnut and commenting on the biscuits. I want a coffee with balls. Yeah, plain old maxwell house and 15 scoops will do thanks.
I did drink some of the crap from italy. For what it's worth, thanks for making it strong. I appreciate that.
In closing, I just want to say that coffee is pretty good shit.
Posted on Aug 02, 2016 @ 03:52:40 pm

omfg bear
Posted on Aug 02, 2016 @ 03:30:22 pm
Here's a cool movie I made...
omfg bear
That's right I made it...

edit - My movie... Sausage Party, Too! - Will

omfg bear is hungry

omfg bear so horny
WoW UI in PNG format
Posted on Aug 02, 2016 @ 03:12:45 pm

If you have ever dabbled with creating WoW addons you will understand the frustration that comes with trying to figure out what graphic elements to use. This is mostly due to the graphics being locked up in an archive file hidden away.

Fear not, the mysteries of the UI have been revealed! I have extracted the WoW UI elements to png format and uploaded them for anyone to use. Now you can see all of the graphics that are built into WoW and if you are crafty you can create brand new addons with a unique look just by mixing and matching.

You can browse the WoW UI Elements at your leisure.

Be sure to check out my World of Warcraft addons, on Curse.

Pet Battle HUD

Best Seller


Seth aka Smashed (Bladefist)
I am not stupid
Posted on Aug 02, 2016 @ 02:06:40 pm
Corporations are one of the best inventions of the 20th century. At least some people think so. The best thing about them, is that they are run by people like you or me. I'm not talking dumb people. These people are smart, and they have alot of ideas and creativity, and cell phones and that sort of thing.
Why then, if the corporations are so smart, do they keep telling me how stupid I am?
No, they don't just come right out and say it. Instead they build thier empires up slowly over time. They use commercials on television, the radio, and the printed media. They use code words to portray the masses as nothing more than cattle. Yes it is a difficult pill to swallow, but you may be a consumer if...
1) You've eaten within the past 2 days
2) You've had to travel somewhere outside of your home within the past week
3) You've purchased a new iPod or some other kind of crap thing out there
4) Etc...
You see what I mean, well it is true.
Now to my point I am trying to make.
I like to think of myself as pretty well informed, and able to make my own decisions. I can not do this, when I have corporation x telling me that I need product z.
A fine example of this would be the advertising for Toilet Duck.
First of all, what the fuck does a duck have to do with toilets? I can't remember the last time I was in the bathroom and I even had a passing thought about ducks, much less visual contact, or other experience with a duck. No, I go to the bathroom for a reason and I'll admit, I have my bathroom set up to maximize the experience, but no where do I even have a picture of a duck.
Now extrapolate this into the realm of fragrances.
I have never been around a duck that smells good. Usually if I am in the presence of a duck, it makes a bunch of raquet, in addition to smelling like duck ass. This is not the kind of experience I want if I am trying to relax my bowels.
It just doesn't make sense. Now comes the advertising for said product.
I see ducks flying around in miniature airplanes dropping fragrance bombs into a toilet.
This is surreal. How is this suppose to help me remember to buy air fresheners for my toilet?
If you are like me, it doesn't. It pisses you off that you have to be subjected to this shit.
Ok, now I say this to all the corporate people out there that may have a chance to read this. I am not stupid. I do not belive in duck "aces" that can magically make things better. If you want to sell me a air freshener for my toilet, then make it make sense.
Apply this concept to all product advertising and we'll win the trust of the middle east, and perhaps end world hunger not to mention you might sell more of the product.
In closing, it must be said that you must be aware of your surroundings at all times. Do NOT always believe what the media says and always challenge it, at least to yourself. More importantly, don't accept it. If you see this crap on tv or whatever, turn it off and we'll all be better off.

Summer 2016
Posted on Aug 02, 2016 @ 01:47:03 pm
It's hot!


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